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Our brand new training options for those who can't make it to us in Westbourne.

Online Personal Training  When you've tried at the gym, put in all your effort in and it didn't work, that's not your fault! It's also not that personal training or exercise doesn't work for you! The reason it didn't work is that you were put on a poorly designed program with goals that weren't really what you wanted! 


Misguided effort is so disheartening and I completely understand if you've given up, but are you still paying that gym membership? Do you still really want to make that change you joined for in the first place? 


Contact us by clicking below and Physical Preparation Westbourne will create a personal training program that will work in your specific gym with the equipment you have available. You can also train at home or outside, whatever you want!

Our online personal training programs consist of 2 or 3 sessions p/week, your choice, and the program refreshes every 4 weeks, to keep you progressing and moving forward towards your goals!


Online Physical Therapy - Whether you've had neck pain for 10 years, or had a fall while skiing that's left you in pain, or anything in between I can help realign your body and alleviate your pain. We will assess you online via either video call or have you record yourself completing some simple tests. The results of these tests will form the basis of your program and allow us to understand the imbalances and mechanics that are causing your problems.


This is an entirely bespoke and unique program so please contact us using the button below for more details. We are more than happy to have a no obligation, free phone consultation anytime that suits you!


With both programs you receive full video tutorials of every exercise, you'll never need to guess or worry that you're doing it right, these aren't just clips they are true tutorials of how it should look and feel.

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