Physical Therapy


Our Physical Therapy method is incredibly effective and provides great results very quickly, in as little as 1-3 sessions most people are fixed and pain free. We do provide the 8 week course for more long term and chronic problems that require a bit more work, but most issues can be solved very quickly.

These sessions are very different to personal training, but we do believe very strongly in active therapy, using your body to cure itself. The reason physical therapy in our specially designed Westbourne studio can be so effective is that your body is treated as the whole system it is, for example back pain is very often caused by problems in the feet and hips, as is knee pain. Shoulder and neck pain can also very often be caused by issues with our breathing mechanics. These are things that many other therapy providers simply don't assess and therefore treat. If you've been for a massage for back pain and they only rubbed your back a bit I'm confident to say your back pain came back within a week... Am I right? Not with us!


As part of your sessions you'll receive full video tutorials of exercises to complete between sessions and afterwards you'll be give a a 'toolbox' of exercises specific to your pain that will allow you to keep yourself pain free for ever with no need for further visits.

If you have any questions at all please contact us. 


1 Hour Session - £40

1.5 Hour Session - £55

8 Week Course of 1.5 Hour Sessions (1 p/week) - £400 

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