Nutrition Packages

Every form of Personal Training package comes with a base level of nutrition included. A specially created program has been designed to help our members see food differently and start to make better choices subconsciously, rather than having to worry and stress over making the right choice with food every minute of everyday. On the 54321 Plan you have support available at all times, via phone and text as well as a supportive Facebook group where you can get a feedback, and find a number of helpful videos with hints and tips of how to best succeed.

54321 Plus+

On the Plus Plan you receive everything you get on the 54321 Plan, plus personalised Macro-nutrient (Carbs, Fats & Proteins) guidelines,  as well as a specific food list designed for you, these foods are to be eaten every single day and will ensure you get a full Micro-nutrient (Vitamins & Minerals) profile. By getting tailored Macros and Micro-nutrients you will have energy that you haven't experienced before, as well as lose weight while eating more food than you ever have! Whilst you need to eat the same list of whole foods each day, please understand that you can eat this in any number of different meal options or as different snacks. This nutrition plan is by no means restrictive it just releases you from the frustration of decision fatigue (that feeling of being good all the time and that moment you finally tire and break, that's decision fatigue).

Just £20 a month


54321 Personal Plus+


You still receive everything above but you'll also receive personal guidance from me every single week. We'll have a shared MyFitnessPal Account, allowing me to see everything you eat on a daily basis. That gives me the inside look at how your meals are breaking down and make tweaks that will seem tiny at the time, but when they get put in place together you'll never suffer from those frustrating weight loss plateaus ever again! 

All you need is 12 weeks, you don't even have to be perfect, a beer or wine here and there along with a cheat or two is completely acceptable and encouraged, as long as you never lie about it and always put it in your MyFitnessPal diary. 

Just £225 (or 3 monthly payments of £80)

54321 Ultimate VIP

The Ultimate Plan gives you absolutely everything you could ever need to succeed! Especially designed for those who have "Tried Everything!" and never seen the results they wanted, as this plan is completely bespoke and incredibly individual. The VIP Plan starts with full supplementation, all of which is provided alongside all your nutritional support, you can build the plan to include personal access to me anytime to make sure you feel confident about what your eating, you can continue to build the plan to include home visits from me to help with the cooking and give demos as well as having your shopping done for you and delivered to your door. 

Due to the bespoke nature of the plan, please contact me to create your perfect plan.

Programs start at 12 weeks and £350 (3 monthly payments of £120)

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